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From ingots to ready-made solar power modules: DCH Solar!

DCH Solar covers the whole production chain from the ingot production through ready-made solar power modules.

Our Wafers are a synonym for highest quality for the majority of the big solar companies in China.

In the past we have used these synergies exclusively for OEM products. The brand DCH Solar is the logical improvement of successful solar systems and is now being established on the European market. DCH Solar GmbH with headquarters in Berlin has been set up for European distribution.

Obvious advantages for the customers in Europe are evident, as customers are now able to communicate in the same time and same language with the manufacturer. In addition customers enjoy support on site.

Further, we would like to note that a logistics centre in Germany (Siegen) means extremely short delivery times and realizes customer-friendly payment conditions without any currency exchange risk.



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sales force.

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