From ingots to ready-made solar power modules!

DCH Solar covers the whole production chain from the ingot production through ready-made solar power modules.

DCH Energy has become a leading manufacturer in the PC industry, not least because of our successful business model that includes the in-house production of ingots, wafers, cells and modules.

The control and efficiency achieved through this integrated value chain help to continuously improve the production process and to provide our customers with the highest quality and cost-effective products.

10 years German product warranty of the components.
25 years warranty for a performance drop of max. 20 %

This valid to all our products in the field of solar modules:

  • Presorted German raw material
  • Single checked cells with Preassortment
  • Antireflection coated shatterproof glass (ESG)
  • Strong framework as self-supporting hollow chamber profile
  • Single checked modules with proof of the module performance (flash-report)
  • Junction box IP65
  • Connector MC4 (Multicontact)
  • System voltage 1000V
  • Temperature range -40°C bis +85°C (thereby also in southern countries without problems applicable)
  • Only strict PLUS output tolerance of + 3%