DCH Heat pump

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In the past, heating systems were powered either by oil, gas or electric heat, etc.. These heating systems not only cause higher costs, but also a lot of pollution. In recent years, the interest in these environmentally friendly products has increased. Why choose an air-to-water heat pump? The air-to-water heat pump uses renewable air energy: the ATW heat pump ODU takes energy from the air and transfers it to water. The thermal energy is supplied by a refrigerant circuit and this renewable thermal energy is transferred to the water through a heat exchanger. The ATW heat pump uses less energy than furnaces or gas/electric water heaters. It is an ATW heat pump system that integrates heating, cooling and domestic hot water, providing users with a complete solution. Moreover, it can work together with additional heating sources such as electric water heaters, conventional gas boilers, water heaters or PV modules, etc. for better application.

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